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Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia

Carpathian - US Higher Education Cooperative Project

(Notes from Wrap-up session, May 3, 1996, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia)

Thoughts on experience:
  • Marketing and planning of courses (continuing education)
  • Services to local community, volunteers & civic organizations
  • Reach out to banks & businesses
  • Partnerships with local PVO's and NGO's
  • Role in conflict resolution
  • Institutionalization of service
  • Process of integration of higher education institutions
  • Long term planning for regional economic development
  • Involvement in rural and community development
  • Differences in US and CEE; traditions and finance
  • Cooperation with Alumni
  • Student Summer schools
  • Financing of universities
  • Administration and management
  • Equipment at high schools
  • Joint projects on environment
  • Relationship between universities and high schools
  • Civic Clubs
  • Extension service in Agriculture
  • Distant learning and continuing education
  • Role of libraries
  • System of volunteers
  • International aspect of university outrech (Carter Center)
  • Information infrastructure
  • Involvement of students in service activities
  • Community services
  • Organization of student life
  • Cooperation of university in Chamber of Commerce
  • University focus on community
  • State policy on higher education
  • Pro-active marketing by university
  • Applied research partnership with business and state
Institutionalization of service function:
  • Public policy - Public policy is needed to provide the financial resources and incentive for universities to actively engage in public service. Bob Thomas will write a proposal for funding which will create a strategic alliance between the Institute of EastWest Studies. This strategic alliance will focus on the public policies issues of public service in Central European Universities. It will also address structural and organizational issues of the university as they adopt the service function.

  • Institutional development - ACRU will encourage its members to review their organizational structure and adapt it to better reflect their commitment to public service.

Training Needs:
  • University Community Relations and Marketing - The European Center of Georgia (Stew Ohend' hal) will work with ACRU in developing training programs for university managers in marketing and community relationship skills.

  • Continuing Education and Distant Learning - Georgia Southern University (Zia Hashmi) and Associated Colleges of the South (Wayne Anderson) will explore funding for training programs and technical assistance.

  • University Organization and Management - Bob Thomas will pursue funding and involvement of The Institute of Human Science, USAID and the World Bank.

  • Involvement of a students in Service Activities - Moorehouse College (Daniel Klenbort), The University of the South (Dixon Myers) will coordinate with Lajos Kossuth University (Sandor Nagy) on this project.

Joint Projects:
  • Student Exchanges - ACRU and Georgia Southern University will pursue efforts to develop student exchanges between US institutions and ACRU members.

  • Regional Economic Study of Carpathian Region to determine needs - Lajos Kossuth University (Istzan Suli-Zakar) will work with Appalachian State University (Bill Parrish) on this project. The Foundation for the Development of the Carpathian Euroregion is a possible source of funding.

  • Communication and Internet link - The European Center of Georgia (Stew Oden' hal) will work with The Technical University of Kosice (Tomas Sabol) to develop an internet link which will provide access to faculty member's research interest. One of the goals is to establish a discussion group for three types of research interest. The US link will be coordinated by The European Center of Georgia. ACRU responsibilities are as follows:
    • Engineering and Technology (Tomas Sabol, TU Kosice)
    • Social Sciences (Paul Agachi, Babes-Bolyai)
    • Natural Sciences (Gyorgy Heltai, Godollo)
  • Auxiliary Services - Bob Thomas will pursue with The Coca-Cola Company a pilot project on developing and expanding auxiliary services of the members of ACRU.

  • Library Services - The University of P.J. Safarik (Lev Bukovsky) and Lajos Kossuth University (Sandor Nagy) will work with ECG (Stew Oden'hal) and ACS (Wayse Anderson) in exploring funding and programs which will lead to the development of state of the arts technology in developing access to library resources of ACRU. A program of expanding the ACRU book inventory will also be developed by these parties.