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Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia

9th ACRU Annual Conference

Nyiregyhaza, Hungary, October 20–21, 2000
The meeting was begun at 9:30am October 20, 2000.

The representatives of the ACRU member universities, who took part in the 9th ACRU Annual Conference, accepted the activity and financial report as presented by the Secretary General, Tomas Sabol.

The Secretary General informed the participants about the project “Management of Continuing Education” (continuation of the Building Bridges project) and its activities up to now – training programs in Slovakia and USA.  The Conference participants expressed gratitude to the Kennesaw State University team led by Barbara Calhoun, dean of Continuing Education at KSU.

The 3rd part of this Project will take part in 2001 and will be organized by University of Miskolc in Hungary.  The representative of the University of Miskolc guaranteed support of the University management. All ACRU representatives were invited to identify suitable candidates for this training and provide this information to the University of Miskolc (Maria Kocsis Baan) or Tomas Sabol. 

New ACRU leaflet printed in 2000 was distributed to the present ACRU members with request to redistribute it also to other member institutions in their country.  The members were asked to check information about their university, representative of the institution and contact data, and inform Tomas Sabol about changes. ACRU Web page will be kept updated based on this information.

Tomas Sabol informed also about other projects (Leonardo da Vinci and TEMPUS IB) ACRU is involved in as a Slovak partner.  Information about these projects was put on the ACRU Web page.

ACRU members were informed about the Carpathian Foundation and its new call for proposals “Carpathian Research” which should be published in November 2000. Information was provided also about the Visegrad Fund.  Links to Web pages of these funds will be put on ACRU Web page.

Prof. Aladar Nagy gave a presentation about the integration process of higher education institutions in Hungary and experiences from this process.

The representatives of Technical University of Lublin and Rzeszow University of Technology expressed interest to improve cooperation in the area of university libraries.  ACRU members are also encouraged to create consortia for library projects.

The members are asked to use the ACRU Web page for exchange of information about activities, workshops, and projects organized by their universities.  Issues of regional development and EU funds available in this area were identified as a potential topic for a future workshop.

The ACRU representatives empowered the President, Secretary General and country coordinators to award student individual mobility grants up to the total amount of $4,000 per year.  ACRU representatives are invited to submit applications for the travel grants to Secretary General via Country Coordinator.

It was agreed that ACRU will provide grants aimed at enabling participation of ACRU members in activities organized by ACRU for representatives of those ACRU universities which are facing serious financial problems.

The participants expressed thanks to the Rector of the host institution prof. Arpad Balogh and to the organizers of the Conference - prof. Laszlo Filep and prof. Geza Szabo. 

The next meeting will take place in Poland.  The exact venue will be announced by the Country Coordinator of Poland by the end of January 2001 at the latest.

The meeting was adjourned at 16:30pm October 20, 2000.

Nyiregyhaza, October 20, 2000
Tomas Sabol
Secretary General of ACRU

9th ACRU Annual Conference
Nyiregyhaza, Hungary, October 20 –21, 2000

Present ACRU universities and their representatives:
  • Rzeszow University of Technology, Rzeszow, prof. Leonard Ziemianski, Vice-rector
  • Technical University of Lublin, Lublin, prof. Tadeusz Janowski
  • University of Technology in Kosice, Kosice, Dr. Tomas Sabol
  • University of Veterinary Medicine, Kosice, prof. Marta Prosbova
  • University of Babes-Bolyai, Cluj, prof. Neda Arpad, Vice-rector
  • University of Miskolc, Miskolc, prof. Aladar Nagy, Vice-rector
  • College of Nyíregyháza, Nyiregyhaza, prof. Laszlo Filep
  • University of Debrecen, Debrecen, Dr.Tamas Myhalydeak, Vice-rector
  • Szent Istvan University, Godollo, prof. Gyorgy Heltai
  • Uzhgorod State University, Uzhgorod, prof. Ivan Haysak