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Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia

Resource Acquisition and Management Center


Responsibility of ACRU: Dissemination of project results
Consultant of the project: Dr. David Daniel

  • training in: project management, RAM center management, writing grant proposals, fund-raising, communication skills, etc.
  • building of infrastructure, resources, networking
The main goal - to create a network of RAM centers within ACRU with well trained staff (RAM managers) - we want to achieve focusing on the following sub-goals:
  • To train experts in developing projects, fundraising, managing projects, acquisition of resources. Resource development requires professional expertise (especially large grants). Trained professionals need to be developed. Within this goal we indirectly want also to increase a broad involvement of the whole academic community in the member HEIs in the ACRU. The trained RAM staff should be a driving force with a high level of personal commitment to the ACRU activities and projects. During the training the emphasis will also be put on building of team spirit.
  • To create RAM centers at each member university and to interconnect them into a network. RAM centers will provide coordination of joint projects and dissemination of results (information sharing). Current approaches to resource acquisition and management are rather fragmented.
  • To increase the efficiency of the use of resources (funds, information, equipment, etc.). The task force will improve efficiency and effectiveness of the academic community and of the Association. New resources are necessary and a cohesive approach to resource acquisition and management have to be applied.
  • Know-how transfer of university extension services and RAM centers from western Europe and US universities and their adjustment to local needs. Good contacts with university in the Southern part of USA and traditional contacts of the members university will be utilized to attain this goal.

RAM centers at universities after some time (after three years) must be self-sustainable - they must raise enough money for their operation. Moreover, their activities must produce an additional income for academic staff. Only in this way a brain drain from universities can be prevented. Otherwise the best university staff will leave which will have a strategic influence on the level of university education and on the whole society.
  • To have (at least) one trained expert at each university
  • To set up a database information system and a communication system.
  • To establish a RAM center at each member university and to establish efficient communication among them.

Clients of the RAM centers will be on the one side academic staff and on the other side NGOs, industry, SMEs and the public in the general.
Priority areas will be identified especially for large projects (e.g. ecology, cultural heritage, social and political issues during the transition period, economics, etc.).