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Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia

Building Bridges Between Institutions of Higher Education in the Carpathian Region of East Central Europe and the Southeastern United States - 3rd phase

The original Kennesaw State University (KSU) – ACRU course has given rise to a second run of training in the providership of continuing education. In order to be able to provide high quality and high relevancy courses, those intending to serve the society by offering continuing education programs need to be thoroughly trained. The expert knowledge and success of the KSU Continuing Education unit is perhaps the best introduction of this course, where, however certain parts were localised for the Central European user on the basis of the experience of the ACRU member institutions that participated in the first run of courses. The universities where the first batch of participants came from have already had their first sets of successful providership that was designed using the knowledge acquired during the first KSU-ACRU course.

Aims of the course: 150 USD for participants from ACRU member universities 200 USD for participants from non-ACRU member universities The fee can be subject to changes. It will cover tuition fee, board and lodging (in double rooms). The fee does not include transportation costs.

  • To build a common base of understanding concerning the role of continuing education (CE) in the university and concerning the key elements that make up a successful continuing education operation.
  • Build personal and institutional contacts between KSU and the ACRU institution members who will provide both professional and programme support for the second run.
  • To extend the formal network that will encourage and support the further development of CE in the ACRU region through research and professional development.

Programme content:

The key elements of the programme items are given below:
  • Principles of public service and adult learning
  • CE programme development
  • CE programme evaluation
  • CE programme management
  • Marketing
  • Contract training
  • Facilities
  • Financial systems (incl. SW)
  • Organizational development
  • Staff selection and development
  • Support services
  • Technology used in CE
  • Strategic planning

Please find enclosed the Registration Form, which if you return by e-mail or by post or fax, you can win a place in this prestigious course leading to a KSU – ACRU Continuing Education Diploma.

You can contact us at:
Write us your questions. The national programme participants (SK, H, PL) will be happy to respond.
We look forward hearing from you.

Some opinions about the course: ( The BUILDING BRIDGES team )

It was a challenge, but when I got truly involved, it became truly rewarding. It was worth the effort. It is a wonderful value.
( R.S. )

The course presented me a number of new solution possibilities to the problems we are facing in CE providership every day. It was worth all the invested effort and resources. Apart of that I came to know a number of wonderful people.
( G.T. )

The course has given the opportunity to show us not only the differences and similarities of the two approaches to continuing education, but also the way how to use both of them for effective and efficient provision of continuing education in our respective regions. The highly professional approach of the KSU team has helped us significantly in the process of discovering our own best way in continuing education management.
( I.O. )

Participation in this course gave me the ability to look at the problem of continuing education widely. I obtained a quite large knowledge and know-how about the ways of efficient organizing and management of continuing education. I am sure that I will use this knowledge and new experience in my future work.
( S.R. )