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Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia

Issued by participants of the First meeting of Carpathian's Region Rectors

Kosice, Slovakia, March 11-12, 1994.

The recent changes of economical and political situations in Central and Eastern Europe resulted also in the decrease of communication and cooperation between Universities in the Carpathian Euroregion.

The representatives of participating universities declare that they are open and willing to foster bilateral and multilateral cooperation among the universities in the region, co-operation on the local and regional level should be autonomous and not subject to changes of present intergovernmental relations or to political changes in different countries.

In spite of the declining economical situation, the rapid development of a higher education system is necessary. This situation and these conditions are very similar throughout the entire region. The main aims of the universities remain the promotion of knowledge, education, culture, and tradition without borders.

The meeting of rectors from the Carpathian Euroregion reflects this very unfavourable reality and was instituted for the purpose of mutual information and looking for a way to facilitate developmental support.

The rectors arrived at the conclusion that mutual regional cooperation is one of the ways for reaching this aim. The proposal of the conference participants is to create "The Association of Carpathian Euroregion Universities" and "Rector's Conference" as the controlling body of the association, with the center in Kosice.

It was decided to appoint working committees in the following areas:
  • research, and scientific and technological cooperation and transfer
  • education i.e. compatibility of studies
  • library and general university information systems
  • university services (co-operation with the region, NGOs, etc.)

The participants of the Rector's Conference will negotiate the conference conclusions with their academic staffs.
The next meeting of the Rector's Conference will be held in Lublin in October, 1994.
At the meeting in October, the Universities will discuss the following topics:
  • their standpoint concerning the Carpathian Euroregion Universities Association establishment
  • solution of the compatibility of study programmes for the mutual recognition of their co-operative study
  • pedagogical and scientific staff exchange
  • proposals for specific regional cooperation
  • offer of regional projects
  • post-graduate study possibilities
  • the preparation of a joint project for regional cooperation among universities e.g. within the PHARE program.