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Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia

Fourteenth ACRU Annual Conference
Rzeszow,Poland,May 29-30, 2006

Rzeszow, Poland, May 29-30, 2006
The meeting was begun at 9:30am May 30, 2006

The welcome speech was delivered by prof. Włodzimierz Bonusiak, rector of the University of Rzeszow and prof. Andrzej Sobkowiak, rector of the Rzeszów University of  Technology. Then prof. A. Nagy, president of ACRU opened the ACRU Annual Conference 2006.
After introduction of all members present at the meeting, it was concluded that 11 ACRU member universities are present, and there are five justified absences (Uzhgorod State University, Uzhgorod Institute of Information Science, Economics and Law, Ivano-Frankivsk State Technical Oil and Gas University, University of Petrosani, College of Nyiregyhaza). The General Council was deemed to be constituted, since according to Article 10, paragraph 6 of the Constitution, justified absences are not taken into account for deciding the quorum. 
The Secretary General informed the participants about activities and projects carried out since 13th ACRU Annual Conference. He presented also a financial report since the 13th Annual Conference in 2004.
The representatives of the ACRU member universities, who took part in the 14th ACRU Annual Conference, accepted the Activity and Financial report as presented by the Secretary General. Memebers present put forward also some ideas for future ACRU activities.
Based on the expressed interest, two new ACRU members were unanimously approved by the General Assembly: the Alexander Dubcek University in Trencin Slovakia, and the  University of Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro.
Based on the nomination received, prof. Stanislaw Sagan was elected unanimously as the  new ACRU president for the period of next two years. Prof. Sagan nominated Dr. Ioan Horga for the position of the Seceratry General. Dr. Horga was unanimously confirmed by the member universities present as the Secretary General.
The newly elected President then thanked to prof. A. Nagy and to Dr. Tomas Sabol for all the work they done for ACRU in the previous cadency.
Since the seat of the ACRU is at the Technical University of Kosice, the General Assembly empowered Ms. Erna Beres and the official representative of the Technical University of Kosice to sign official documents on behalf of the ACRU.
The General Council took due notice of the fact that the Uzhgorod Institute of Information, Science, Economics and Law was renamed to Transcarpathian State University.
The members were asked to use the ACRU Web page for exchange of information about activities, workshops, and projects organized by their universities. 
The participants expressed thanks to prof. Włodzimierz Bonusiak, the Rector of the University of Rzeszow and prof. Andrzej Sobkowiak, Rector of the Rzeszów University of Technology, as well as to prof. Stanislaw Sagan and his colleagues for organization of the ACRU Annual Conference 2006. 
It was agreed that the Annual Conference 2007 will be organized the Alexander Dubcek University in Trencin in Slovakia.  The exact date will be announced by the end of January 2007 at the latest.
The meeting was adjourned at 4:30pm May 30, 2006.

Rzeszow, May 30, 2006
Prof. Stanislaw Sagan
President of ACRU
Dr. Ioan Horga
Secretary General of ACRU

14th ACRU Annual Conference
Rzeszow, Poland, May 29-30, 2006

Present ACRU universities and their representatives:
  • University of Rzeszow, Rzeszow, Prof. Stanislaw Sagan, Vice-rector
  • Szent István University, Godollo, prof. Pal Scheiber, Vice-rector
  • AGH University of Science and technology, Krakow, prof. Jerzy Lis, Vice-rector
  • University of Miskolc, Miskolc, prof. Aladar Nagy, Vice-rector
  • Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, prof. Ladislav Nagy, Vice-Rector
  • Technical University of Kosice, Kosice, assoc. prof. Tomas Sabol, Dean
  • University of Oradea, Oradea, prof. Ioan Horga, Head of International Relations Dept.
  • University of Pavol Jozef Safarik, Kosice, prof. Eva Cellarova, Vice-Rector
  • Lviv Polytechnic State University, prof. Y. Raschkevych, Vice-Rector
  • “December 1st 1918” University of Alba Iulia, Alba Iulia, prof. Mircea Risteiu, Director of International Relations
  • Alexander Dubcek University of Trencin, Trencin, prof. Juraj Slabeycius, Vice-Rector
  • University of Novi-Sad, Serbia and Montenegro, prof. Tumbas Pere, Dean
  • Technical University of Rzeszow, prof.Andrej Sobkowiak, Rector